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The Run 1000 Miles Challenge began as a way to live a healthier lifestyle. As our group grew many began to challenge themselves beyond the limits of what they once thought they could. It takes determination and hard work to meet a goal like 1000 miles in a calendar year.


As we looked at our stats, from the first six years, we found that only about 10% of the group actually reached the goal.  We began looking at creative ways we to celebrate others accomplishements. For example, we felt that it didn't make sense that someone that made it halfway or even to 100 miles would not be celebrated. This is when we decided that  we would recognize every milestone.  We immediately had a group of volunteers that stepped up and became responsible in keeping track and celebrating certain milestones. It was at that moment that we realized that this group was beyond just a challenge. It was as much, if not more, about motivating and inspiring others as it was running 1000 miles.


Even though this challenge is based in an honor system, we have been asked throughout the years to set a few parameters. Below we have listed the most common questions on certain physical activities:​

  • Physical Walks do count

  • Disney Miles do not

  • Shopping Miles do not

  • Steps do not

  • Work miles do not

  • Treadmills miles do count (foot pod recommended)

  • Stair climber does not

  • Elliptical does not


Bottom line...just keep it real. The only pride in accomplishing the miles is yours.  The ultimate goal is to remain active and encourage everyone in the group to do the same.

Ready to join? You are just one click away. 



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