2015 Run 1,000 Miles Challenge

Check out this site often to find information such as links to how to better yourself, list of challenges to overcome, products such as shirts to purchase and more.

Everything there is to know on how to become a complete runner and learn from others whose footprint you are now following. We are not just a running club but an experience. Challenge yourself to discover your potential and surpass your limitations. Learn how to break the distance barrier as well as the mental barrier. Discover your endless potential.

Soon to come "blogs"

Your experiences and stories that will motivate others to follow.

Your Experiences

How did you go from couch potato to distance runner or your comback from injury to victory.

Your Actions

How you PR in your last race or how you ran your first half or full marathon or even how you ran your first 5K.

Action in Motion

Your videos showing you in action and recording your unforgettable memories.

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